VHVH Works for our veterans and our community.

VHVH Works Program

At VHVH, our goal is to transition our residents from net consumers of services to net contributors to our community. That means a job, earning a living, a W2.

Our program is designed to prepare them for that goal. As part of that effort, we partner with businesses and organizations that believe in helping veterans and also understand good value.

The VHVH Works program offers partner employers access to capable, motivated workers either as direct hires or contracted through VHVH Works. Our program is also designed to prepare our veterans for self-sufficiency. That means integrity, responsibility and fairness – how to offer it and to expect it in return. Our partner employers are an integral part of the program. They believe in our program and emulate the values we expect from our veterans and that our community wants in its citizens.

For more information about our VHVH Works Program and how to participate, please contact:

Ron Conner
VHVH Director of Operations
Email Ron

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    VHVH Works offers special benefits for our employer partners including:

    • Capable, motivated workers
    • Access to transportation
    • VHVH Veterans Work Here designation
    • Tax incentives

    Participating Employers Include:

    The VHVH veterans are outstanding. They come to work not just ready to go, but eager to go. I already had high expectations going in because I know these guys are vets and understand the importance of discipline and teamwork, but you always have start-up challenges, right? Well, these guys hit the ground running – no start-up issues.

    Kit Edwards

    General Manager, Winston-Salem Dash

    We partner with VHVH because the men have military experience – they have a regimen on how to do things. They watch you do something and then they just fall right in. The men at VHVH are the best men in the world because of their character. They have integrity. They’re responsible. They are always there on time. During the summer we prepare, pack and deliver about 1800 meals a day – without the VHVH veterans, we wouldn’t be able to do it.

    Rev. Allen & Rosemary Stimpson

    Ezekiel AME Zion Church, Summer Food Program

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