Until now, there was no extended housing program for veterans in Winston-Salem.

About VHVH

Veterans Helping Veterans Heal (VHVH), a private 501(c)(3) non-profit entity owned and managed by the North Carolina Housing Foundation (NCHF), operates a 24 bed extended-term housing program in Winston-Salem, NC for homeless male veterans. VHVH is a partner in the Ten Year Plan to End Chronic Homelessness and serves homeless veterans with mental health and/or substance abuse issues referred by the Veterans Administration (VA).

In 2010, Winston-Salem’s Ten Year Plan to End Homelessness identified that there were more than 300 homeless veterans every year in our community. Many of the homeless have mental health and/or substance abuse issues. The NCHF in collaboration with the VA and with the help of key partners created VHVH to focus on supporting these veterans.

Each homeless individual with mental health issues costs our community roughly $70,000 annually.

Our Purpose

The purpose of VHVH is to complete our obligation to homeless veterans by restoring a foundation of home, health and spirit and through the VHVH program to transition them from net consumers of services to net contributors to our community.



of our graduates have obtained permanent housing.

North Carolina Housing Foundation, Inc. (NCHF)

NCHF owns VHVH and maintains and supports the organization through its affiliate the North Carolina Housing Services & Management Corporation. The NCHF draws on its long-term experience developing, managing and coordinating services for over 2,000 units of quality housing for elderly, homeless, disabled and low-income families in our community and throughout the state of North Carolina.

NCHF is a non-profit housing development organization, founded in 1968.

NCHF provides property management and services coordination for all of their properties and, since 1981, has arranged assessment for and delivery of services for residents of their properties.

Currently, NCHF has over 26 staff members coordinating services across their 2,000 units of housing.

NCHF operates with a high productivity infrastructure and efficient operating processes resulting in most properties being cash flow neutral to positive.


Operational Funding

As part of NCHF, VHVH operates with a focus on delivering positive outcomes in an efficient manner. Our foundational support comes from our veterans who receive grant per diems as part of their Veteran’s Administration benefits. Those grant per diem’s fund the basic needs of our residents – safe, secure housing, food and a supportive community. Our rebuilding program is supported by donations. The 30/30/90/30 Program prepares our residents to be self-sustaining, contributing members of our community.


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