“The VHVH veterans are outstanding. They come to work not just ready to go, but eager to go.”

Kit Edwards, General Manager, WS Dash

Winston-Salem Dash

VHVH Works established a relationship with the Winston-Salem Dash this year to supply food service staff at BB&T Ballpark. Geoff Lassiter, president of the Winston-Salem Dash, says, “VHVH Works initially interested us because we are a community focused organization. We were excited to help veterans in need and our community at the same time. As a business, we felt that we would get capable, hard-working men that understood how to work together in a complex organization – like the military. The VHVH team has far surpassed our expectations. We believe we’ve helped our community find an untapped resource we didn’t realize we had.”

Kit Edwards, General Manager for The Dash describes the relationship, “The VHVH veterans are outstanding. They come to work not just ready to go, but eager to go. I already had high expectations going in because I know these guys are vets and understand the importance of discipline and teamwork, but you always have start-up challenges, right? Well, these guys hit the ground running – no start-up issues.

“This job isn’t glamorous – it’s hot, it’s chaotic, and during big games you have to get it right and do it fast to meet the demand. The VHVH team does it quickly, does it well and never complains. My staff loves working with them. The bottom line is they give me what is most important to about any employer – they give me peace of mind. I can count on them.”

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Kit Edwards and the VHVH Works team.










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