More than 80% of our graduates have moved to permanent housing.

90/90/360/90™ – Our Program

Restoring home, health and spirit allows our residents to focus on a tailored program that gives them the skills, education, confidence and a plan to rebuild their lives and reestablish them as net contributors to our community.

VHVH’s 90/90/360/90™ program is customized to each resident in concert with our staff, led by a case manager and delivered over approximately 2 years.


Life Skills

 (90 days)

Skills needed to cope with the challenges of everyday life – communications, literacy, time management, etc.

Executive Function

 (90 days)

Skills associated with planning and organizing activities and completing tasks – planning a project, organizing your finances, keeping track of multiple tasks, integrating past knowledge into discussions.

Career Planning

 (360 days)

Developing a skills/educational plan to achieve a career goal. Implementing the plan and working toward independent living.

Exit Plan

 (90 days) 

Transition planning and net contributor status.

Learn More About Our 90/90/360/90™ Program

Watch our full program video or view the breakout videos below to see how VHVH has successfully restored home, health and spirit for homeless veterans in Winston-Salem.

Program Breakout Videos

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