More than 300 veterans are homeless each year in Winston-Salem.

VHVH was created to help these men.

What We Do

At VHVH, we serve men who have served our country when they need it most. How?

By restoring what they need – a safe, secure home, physical and mental health and a community that understands and supports them.

Then we guide them with a program to help them rebuild their futures. Not overnight. Not without issues and difficulties.

How do we know the VHVH program works?

Because our graduates work.




of our participants have regular employment.

Who We Serve

In the United States about 160,000 veterans are homeless over of the course of a year with more than 300 in Winston-Salem.

Neighbors, brothers, fathers, sons and friends – our residents were and are all of these. Just like you – a mix of races and ages. About 85% are at least high school graduates. And, all have suffered hardships.

Divorce, unemployment, health issues, substance abuse, no family, a lack of relevant work experience – resulted in their loss of home, health and finally their spirit.

For these tough, resourceful men they lost over time. It takes time to restore and rebuild. VHVH gives them the time and the path.

Homeless Veterans Are

  • Male 90% 90%
  • High School Graduates 85% 85%
  • Caucasian 50% 50%
  • African American 33% 33%

Why It Works

Step 1 – Making the Commitment

Our veterans take the first step. They have all decided to address mental health or substance abuse issues with the help of the Veterans’ Administration (VA). The VA refers candidates and all residents commit to the program and purpose of VHVH.

Step 2 – Providing the Foundation for Success

With their commitment, VHVH begins restoring a foundation critical for each veteran to rebuild their futures – home, health and spirit.

VHVH provides extended-term, safe, secure housing ensuring a recognized best practice for transition out of homelessness.

All participants are addressing their mental health or substance abuse issues with the help of the Veteran’s Administration and are committed to maintaining their physical as well as mental health.

Our community of veterans has a common bond of experience as well as common issues to face. With that common bond, fellow veterans command the trust, respect and understanding to help each other and expect each other to face their challenges.

Step 3 – Rebuilding Lives

Restoring home, health and spirit allows our residents to focus on a tailored program that gives them the skills, education, confidence and a plan to rebuild their lives and reestablish them as net contributors to our community.

With a secure foundation, each VHVH resident works with a case manager to begin to rebuild their future. Our Program puts them on a path to success.

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