Success Stories

Measures of Success

At VHVH our purpose is to transition our veterans into net contributors to our community. To accomplish our purpose means residents should be planning for their future and graduates of our program should be working and moving into their own homes.

How we measure success:

  • Over 85% of our residents have already participated in job readiness training.
  • Almost 85% of our graduates work or have regular income and have a savings account.
  • More that 80% of our graduates have moved to permanent housing.
  • Each veteran that successfully transitions into a net contributor saves our community an estimated $70,000 a year.

Our Program Produces Results:

  • Job Ready 85% 85%
  • Steady Employment 85% 85%
  • Permanent Housing 80% 80%

Each successful graduate of our program saves our community an estimated $70,000 a year.

We are all proud of our statistics, but our residents’ experiences give real meaning to why the statistics are important.

Meet Calvin

Calvin is an Army veteran. After his service, a series of bad decisions led to him being imprisoned. He struggled with addiction for over 20 years. Calvin decided to walk away from a job that was contributing to his addiction. But with no job and a prison record, Calvin became homeless.

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Meet Robert

Robert, a U.S. Navy veteran, came to VHVH in 2011. After the Navy and struggling with alcohol and drug addiction, Robert found himself in prison. With a prison record and his health deteriorating, he could no longer find steady employment. Robert became homeless.

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Meet Tim

Tim is a U.S. Navy veteran and graduate of VHVH. After leaving the Navy, Tim worked as a truck driver and lived near his parents and other family. After his parents fell ill and passed away Tim’s life began to come apart.

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